Money Making Hobbies: The Definitive Guide

Want a list of hobbies that make money? Making money with your hobby at home is something dreams are made of – so let’s dive right in!

Who hasn’t thought about taking something they’re passionate about ane making money with it? I know have!

One of the amazing things about today’s world is that dreams of making money with your hobby can be a reality if you try hard enough.

You just need to know where to start!

People told me about the mythical “money-making hobby”, and how they both have fun AND earn money. At the same TIME. I eye-rolled and thought to myself – “Too good be true you suckers”.

Until I found out, it’s not too good to be true!

This guide will show you a bunch of hobbies that you can start earning money with TODAY. If none of these hobbies float your boat, I’ve got a bonus tip at the end of this article that will give you the bones to do this with ANY hobby.

Yes, even yours.

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Why is Your Hobby a Great Way to Make Money?

Millions of people start business EVERY year. Even more, people want to start their own business.

63% of people in their 20’s have aspirations to start their own business.

Yet, only 10% of the American population actually start a business.

Why are so many people hesitant to start their own business? Because they don’t know where to start!

Starting a business is hard and a lot of work. It can seem like an extremely daunting task, no matter how badly you might want to be your own boss.

First, you have to come up with a good business idea.

how many people want to start a business

Reason #1 to Use Your Hobby to Make Money: You’re (Probably) Already an Expert

Let me ask you a few questions before I explain this a little more in-depth.

  • First Question:

Have you ever read an article, book, magazine or something else and thought to yourself “Man, I know WAY more about this topic than this writer does.”?

If you answer “Yes” to this question, this shows you have a passion and knowledge about a hobby or topic that other people may not have.

This is also known as being an expert, and I guarantee every person reading this is an expert at SOMETHING. Anything.

  • Second Question:

Have you ever written a post on Facebook or Twitter about a topic you were so passionate about, that it probably annoyed other people? Maybe they even unfriended you or told you to “shut up already” about that topic?

If I had to guess your answer, I would probably say you’ve done this.  Me too. Happened way too much to me, actually (Sorry for all the political posts, Facebook friends!).

It’s because we’re passionate AND knowledgeable about the hobbies we love or interested in.

We can’t help it. It’s who we are. Our interests are what makes us unique after all!

successful business, "Passion and expertise are vital to any successful business" - Chritt

It just so happens that these two ingredients (having passion and expertise about a topic) are vital to any successful business.

So you might be asking, “Well, what about you Chritt? What are you passionate about? Did you make your hobby into a business?”

To which I would respond with “That’s a great question!”.

After discovering the internet as a wee lad and connecting with like-minded people, I realized that I needed another way to express my interests to be beneficial to others. Why is this?

  1. I love to write.
  2. I enjoy helping people.
  3. I know a lot of stuff (sometimes pointless information but interesting none the less).
  4. Finally, I love the internet with all the knowledge, games, entertainment and music it can offer me.
the light turned on

With these realizations, the light turned on! I wanted to combine all 4 into something I would love to do! I decided to write and help others via my own blog.

So I created this website.

This website is my hobby! I’m writing to you, right now!

Having passion and knowledge about your hobby is all you need! Even if you’re not the most knowledgeable person at your hobby, I’m sure you know more then someone just discovering and starting your hobby, right?

So, if you said yes to either of the above questions, making money with your hobby is an absolute possibility!

Reason #2 To Have a Profitable Hobby: Loving Your Job

"turn the love of your hobby into something you can do for a living" - Chritt, passive income, hobby business, hobbies that make money

Put your hand up if you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish to make money doing something I love.”

Don’t lie to me! I know you have!

The “ultimate dream job” is doing exactly what you love AND making money doing it.

Ask any professional sports figure, writer, or your local baker down the road why they chose the profession that they did.

Most likely they’ll talk about how “this is what I always wanted to do.” They couldn’t stop dedicating themselves to their profession. They became so great at their hobby, they “went pro”.

Maybe they loved basketball. Or they loved to write stories. Or maybe they loved to bake grandmas favorite bread.

This quote from Stephen King represents this example perfectly!

Answering the question of “Why did you become a writer?” on the FAQ section of his website, Stephen says:

“The answer to that is fairly simple—there was nothing else I was made to do. I was made to write stories and I love to write stories. That’s why I do it. I really can’t imagine doing anything else and I can’t imagine not doing what I do. ~ Stephen King

stephen king photo
Photo by AZRainman

Stephen King loves to write. He knew writing is what he was created to do. So he made a career from doing what he loved.

Why can’t you do this too? I mean, seriously. How many of us go to school hoping to learn all about the world and everything on it, to end up doing something we absolutely HATE.


So why are you doing just that? Why are you sitting in your cubicle listening to the latest office gossip? Cleaning up toilets are your local strip mall. Dealing with angry customers day in and day out?

You weren’t meant to do this trivial, boring shit (excuse my french).

You were meant to do something great.

Reason #3 to Turn Your Hobby into Money: Financial Freedom

Think about this realization I had for a moment.

If you’re working for someone else, your financial well-being will always be tied to that business, person, or company. You are dependent on that entity to give you money by a certain date agreed upon, so you can pay your bills.

But, what would happen if they decide to cut back on their employees to save money? Maybe they don’t want to give you your usual raise or bonus this year?

You have (almost) NO control over these problems. Unless the government mandates businesses give their employees more money and they can no longer lay off people, you are at the mercy of that job. 

Being dependent on another person to provide you with your financial needs is never good.

So why would someone let your job have so much control over your entire financial well-being? Leaving another person responsible for your financial well-being, which also means they’re tied to almost every other aspect of your life too.

I’ll be honest, this realization made me nervous.

Now I’m not saying you should quit your job. Some jobs and companies are great and treat their employees appropriately. That’s GREAT and I hope that continues!

However, if you create money on your own, you have the ability to be free of an employer (best case scenario) or make some money on the side (helpful, right?).

You can make as much money as you want by starting a business, depending on how much work you’re willing to put in.

take the jump, feet hanging off building

Take the Plunge!

Money Making Hobbies

Below is an awesome list of money making hobbies I’ve researched and identified just for you. You could even turn some of these hobbies into a full-time business if you’re really dedicated!

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll tell you again, learning a hobby is a great way to occupy yourself when you’re bored. So why not kill the times when you’re bored with a hobby AND turn that hobby into money at the same time?

money photo

Each of the money-making hobbies on the list below will be broken down in the following manner (when possible):

  1. What hobby can make you money
  2. What methods can you make money with that hobby
  3. Tools (if any) needed to start your money-making hobby
  4. Inspirational success stories showing ANYONE can truly make money off of their favorite hobby!

1. Musical Hobbies that Make Money

Who hasn’t learned how to play music or sing? We all were required to learn an instrument back in school, weren’t we? Let’s turn that school hood skill into some hard-earned money!

Fortunately for many people, they actually continued to play music and enjoy it quite frequently.

The reason I highly suggest getting into music on this hobby list is that I personally love music.

I sing, play guitar and listen to music whenever I get the chance. If I’m bored at work, I listen to my phone or iPod which each have their own set of music on. It’s great on long, boring drives when I’m traveling long distances as well.

Here a few ways that music is a great way to kill some time and also make some money on the side.

Music Hobby, Music Hobbies

Music Hobbies that can make money:

  1. Playing a music gig or concert for cash
  2. Become a music teacher or instructor
    •  Create your own local music lesson business
    • Create an Udemy Course on how to play an instrument and earn money from selling your online course
  3. Stream yourself playing music on an online streaming service such as
  4. Royalties
    • If you make great music and allow services like Spotify to stream it, you can earn % of income from advertisements
    • Check out for learning about royalty earnings possibilities
  5. Write an awesome song
    • Submit it for review and it might get chosen to be recorded by a major label!

Tools You Need to Get Started:

  1. Musical Instrument or voice
  2. Web Camera for recording video
  3. Microphone for recording music
  4. Recording equipment (optional)
  5. Start a website or blog for people to find you and your music

Music is a Money Making hobby because:

  • You spend hours practicing your instrument
  • Feels extremely rewarding
  • Opens up a whole new group of people to meet and make friends
  • A self-challenge that will help you grow personally and professionally
  • Most people already have a musical talent they can use

Music Hobby Business Success Stories:

Here’s a great list by VH1 of 10 big music artists that claimed fame by posting music videos to YouTube and other websites! (This is just one of the ways you can make money with music, as you can see above!)

2. Photography Hobbies that Make Money

Do you have a knack for finding the ole fashion “Kodak moment”?

Maybe a hobby in photography is in your future!

If you have a passion for photography and taking pictures, then you’re in luck at this point of the hobbies list if you want to make some cash on the side or create a full-time business when you’re bored!

Are you not currently into photography but would like to be? Awesome!

I created a detailed guide on the basics of photography if you want to try getting started.

Check out the below list of different photography business you could get into today. Not all of these are for everyone, but check them out and see if anything piques your interest.

Photography Money Making Ideas:

  1. Be an event photographer for:
    • Family events
    • Weddings
    • Graduations
    • Senior portraits
  2. Shoot commercial photos
    • Real estate
    • Nature
    • Aerial
    • Food and culinary
    • Special effects
  3. Sell photos online or locally:

Equipment Needed to Start a Photography Business:

  1. Camera
  2. Camera Bag
  3. Tripod
  4. Editing Software
  5. Photo Lighting
  6. Special Camera Lenses

Guides on how to start a photography business:

Photography Business Success Story:

Suzi Pratt- Why My Freelance Photography Business Is Successful 

 Today, I may not have a steady paycheck and benefits, but I DO have the freedom to work wherever and whenever I want on projects of my choosing. I’m not bound by the constraints of a cubicle and daily commute, and I don’t need to ask permission to go on vacation or take on a new project. To me, this freedom opens up my drive to be successful, and it has enabled me to start reaching for my highest professional potential.

3. Writing Hobbies that Make Money

Not everyone is a natural-born writer, which makes this hobby harder to break into than other hobbies. Will that stop you? No! If you’re bored, you especially don’t have a reason not to be a great writer!

Writing is a beautiful form of communication that is one of the best, if not THE best ways of telling a story, conveying new information or educating others.

Naturally, this hobby has a lot of opportunities to not only kill some time when you’re bored but also give you plenty of options to make some money on the side or as a full-time gig.

Ways to Turn Your Writing into Money:

  1. Write and sell an E-book
  2. Write articles for other websites
  3. Become a book author
  4. Freelance writer for other businesses
  5. Blog or make a website

Writing Tools to Get Started:

I won’t give you too many recommendations for writing tools.

Online writing guides to get started:

Inspirational Writing Business Success Story:


Pat published his ebook and made $8,000 in his first month. After just one year of running his online business he has made $203,219.04, as reported in his Annual Passive Income Report.

arts and crafts, list of hobbies, hobby business

4. Crafting for Money

A lot of people like creating different crafts as a hobby! Crafting has been around for a very long time and won’t be going anywhere soon. 

If you’re visiting this section of the hobbies list, you’re probably one of these folks!

People love working on crafts to keep themselves busy and a great hobby to do when you’re bored.

If you decide to craft items to sell, I only have one suggestion for this hobby: create quality items.

No one wants to buy something that appears to be something handed down through your family through the years.

Pick unique, interesting crafts and start making some money!

Handmade Crafting Ideas for Money:

  1. Start a blog or website and sell your handmade items yourself! (highly recommend)
  2. Sell your crafts on an online marketplace such as Etsy.
  3. Set up a small business and sell your items locally at a fair.
  4. Combine crafting hobbies with a writing hobby- write and sell a craft book or ebook.

Craft Business Guides:

Tools Needed to Start a Craft Hobby Business:

  1. Start a blog or website with your craft hobby as a learning tool and selling medium(highly recommend)
  2. Small business license
  3. Great ideas and motivation!

Inspirational Craft Business Success Story:

Quote from Alicia Shaffer:

“It was absolutely mindboggling. I thought it was a complete fluke, that it would stop after the holidays were over.” But when February rolled around, Shaffer found she couldn’t fill all the orders herself. – How One Woman Makes Almost $1 Million A Year On Etsy

pets photo

5. Animal Hobby Businesses

Who doesn’t like dogs, cats or other pets?

Well, okay some people don’t..but millions of people around the world have animals that need taking care of when their owners are out of town and unable to watch their pets.

I consider pet sitting or walking a hobby only for the fact that many people LOVE animals.

Many individuals volunteer at local animal shelters, watch their friends and family animals, or even go into the profession of Veterinarian or working at a local zoo.

The best part of a pet business is: you get to hang out with some awesome animals when you’re bored!

Pet Hobby Business Ideas:

  • Pet sitting! Watch a friend, family or neighbors dog/cat or other animals
  • Same as pet sitting, but walking animals. Many dogs need to be walked daily or every few days.
  • Pooper-scooper service: Do the dirty work and clean up after animals for those people that don’t want to!
  • Pet photography (see above under Photography)
  • Create or sell pet clothing! (see above under Crafting)
  • Obedience Training – train dogs or other animals
  • Create and sell gourmet pet treats

Pet Business Hobbies Guides:

Resources Needed to Start a Pet Hobby Business:

  1. Prospective client list
  2. Pet harness
  3. Kennels
  4. Animal treats
  5. Pet First Aid Kit
  6. Pet cleaning supplies
  7. Business contract forms for clients
  8. Business cards
  9. Pet carrier

Inspirational Pet Business Success Story:

Shrad Rao speaking about a pet waste collection business called Scoobys: 4 Niche Entrepreneurs Who Won Big By Thinking Really Small

They don’t just scoop up poop; they also keep families happy by taking care of an unwanted chore. The Scooby team allows those with disabilities to have a furry companion by taking care of a task they are physically unable to do. They don’t just remove dog waste; they improve people’s relationships and quality of life.

garden photo

6. Garden Hobbies

Who doesn’t feel good eating or drinking something grown in their very own backyard? Maybe you have a knack for finding just the “right” flowers for your backyard. This hobby could be very profitable in the dirty hands of someone that loves gardening!

Many people absolutely love gardening! So much so, I’m fairly certain these people should have become farmers or decorate gardens for a living, so why not you?

This is an excellent hobby that can make you some money down the line if you so choose to!

If you like to garden, look no further than this section of the hobby list!

List of Gardening Ideas for Money:

  • Start a professional gardening business!
    • Some people want a garden…but without the hassle. That’s where you come in! If there’s a need, fill it!
  • Start a website or blog with content related to your garden or your passion for growing plants outdoors.
  • Turn your yard into a “super garden” and sell to the local farmers market!
    • If you’ve grown enough fruits and vegetables in your yard; you could easily apply for the local farmers market and sell your products to your city or town!
  • This is similar to the last bullet point but with a slight twist. If you grow enough fruits or vegetables, turn those into other goods to sell at the market!
    • Learn how to turn veggies into other foods such as salsas or dips and sell these products at the local market!
    • If you own fruit trees you could easily start making wine. Careful with this one as there might be restrictions on alcohol licensing! If you can’t make wine, maybe try for some good jellies or jams instead.
  • Create a “Market Garden”

Tools Needed to Start a Gardening Business:

  1. Prospective client list
  2. Gardening Supplies

  3. Big enough yard
  4. Passion for the outdoors

Gardening Business Hobbies Guides:

Inspirational Gardening Business Success Story:

Check out this garden success story about a 10-acre micro farm that grosses more than $100,000, PER ACRE.

JM and his wife make $140000 from 1.5 acres, and live a life that other people only dream of. They challenge the belief that a small family-run farm cannot stay afloat in today’s economy.

chef photo

7. Cooking and Baking Hobbies that Make Money

I’m seriously jealous if you have a knack for cooking or baking. I really am.

I’m not jealous of most people that can do a hobby in this giant hobbies list, but you’re definitely one of them!

For a guy, I consider myself an above-average cook when it’s my turn to make dinner. That being said, there are a few people I know that just have that “special touch”.

If you have that talent to make a delicious meal or baked good, this may be just the hobby for you to make some money on the side.

If you have spare time when you’re bored, love cooking, make some money, and want to be productive- look no further than preparing food for others!

List of Cooking and Baking Ideas for Money:

  • Have an upscale neighborhood in your city? Be a personal chef and prepare family personalized meals!
  • Prepare baked goods or snacks and sell them at a local farmers market.
  • Start a food truck or food cart with your favorite treats and meals.
  • Create a home-made meal delivery & catering service:
    • Create home-made meals which you then deliver to people that order from you!
  • Create a recipe E-book with your best recipes. (see writing section above)
  • Start a website or blog with useful tips, tricks, and food recipes.

Tools Needed to Start a Cooking or Baking Business:

These tools should be fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a small list of items you may need if you decide to take your cooking hobby to the next level.

  1. Decent sized kitchen or cooking space
  2. Kitchen supplies
  3. Catering items
  4. Food

Cooking and Baking Business Guides to Get Started With:

Inspirational Cooking and Baking Success Story:

Here’s a small quote from an interview between writer Anthony St. Clair and Stephan and Colleen Sheehan – Co-owners of Delacata food cart and Elk Horn Brewery in Eugene, Oregon – From Food Cart Startup to Award-Winning Restaurant

Stephan Sheehan:

We didn’t have a cart yet, but I went down there in the rain, with some catfish, cornmeal batter, a burner, and two cast iron skillets, and cooked up catfish in the rain. They told me we were in and that once we finished building our cart, Ninkasi said we had a place. We did every event for a year, hauling the food cart all over town. After our first year, we were voted the best food cart in town.

coins photo

8. “Collecting” Hobbies to Make Money

Collecting items. Talk about the earliest form of hobbies there is! For as long as humans have existed on planet earth, we’ve collected various objects!

The truth about collecting as a hobby is this: anybody can collect something. The difference is how good are you at collecting that item, is the item you’re collecting valuable or unique enough to garner interest from other people and is it rare enough to justify collecting?

The most common form of collecting is forming a coin collection. I had one. Your grandpa probably had one. Hell, YOU probably had one when you were younger!

When you decided all of the 50 state quarters were super easy to obtain and decided to trade those 25 cent pieces in so you could go see the newest Harry Potter movie. Maybe that was just me…

Anyways, the point is if something is cool and rare, it’s worth collecting to someone. You’d be surprised what kind of collections people have made A LOT of money with throughout the years!

My biggest tip is to collect something you absolutely enjoy. Why? Because you won’t collect something if you have no interest in it!

List of Collecting Hobbies

  • Trading Cards
  • Coins and money
  • Books and Comic books
  • Paintings and pictures
  • Video game
  • Stamps
  • Watches
  • Diecast models
  • Alcohol (wine, beer, whiskey)
  • Meteorites or other rare metals and stones(yes, really!)
  • Anything old and RARE
  • Check out this huge list of collections you can start 

Tools for Collectors:

  1. Cotton or rubber gloves
  2. Metal detector (for coins or meteorites)
  3. Stamp book
  4. Collection Reference books
  5. Fireproof safe

  6. A good eye for rare items!

Helpful Tips and Guides to Start a Collection:

Inspirational Collecting Success Story:

Check out this crazy story of an amateur meteorite hunter who found a massive meteorite worth $800,000!

Story: The rare meteorite found by farmer worth an angelic $800,000

9. Money Making Car Hobbies

car mechanic photo bumper missing

Picture this story of mine:

The sound of metal on metal ringing out in the middle of a hot summer night, sweat pouring down my face. Of course dad’s yelling for a tool that I lost only the day before…

Car people, did you picture that? Good, because I totally just made that up. I can barely change a tire on my vehicle let alone “work” on a car. 🙂

Got your attention, though, didn’t I?

Fixing cars is a vastly popular hobby for many people.

Some people fix cars because it’s cheaper than hiring a mechanic.

Some people fix cars because they like the thrill of transforming something old into something new.

Some people fix cars just for the hell of it.

A lot of people work on their cars just because they’re bored!

If you like working on your own vehicle when you’re bored and have basic knowledge of cars, you could make a decent amount of extra change on the side or even full-time.

The best part about fixing cars is that not only does it make you money, but you can also save money by performing your own car maintenance!

Car Related Hobbies that Generate Money:

  • Fix up and flip old or used cars by selling them for more than what you purchase the vehicle for.
  • You can start your own mechanic and repair shop at home to fix friends and families’ vehicles on the side.
  • Build your own car to sell or race with such as a hot rod or roadster
  • Become an amateur racer
  • Become an uber driver or taxi cab
  • Wash cars

Tools to Fix Cars:

  1. Mechanic Tools
  2. Car Jack or Car Lift
  3. Safety Gear
  4. Socket Wrench
  5. Air compressor

Check out this complete guide on the types of tools you may need as a beginner!

Beginner Car Hobby Guides:

♦Disclaimer on flipping cars: 

Many states require a dealer’s license if you intend on selling a lot of vehicles in one year. Each state is different and some allow you to sell up to 12 cars a month. Make sure you check with your local laws before you dive into this business venture of flipping cars!

10. Art Hobbies that Make Money

canvas photo, drawing a dragon

This is one of my favorite hobbies on this list. Art. If you’re artistic, you have an ability that many people just DON’T have.

Many paintings and drawings can fetch big money around the world. But do you know why?

Because not everyone can create art; let alone be GOOD at it. This creates a lack of quality art which drives prices upwards.

Less supply = Demand.

Demand =$$$

I’m not saying you should start painting with the hopes of making thousands or millions of dollars.

However, this is a great way to spend time when you’re bored that may make you extra money on the side.

Imagine you spend a few hours painting and then sell that painting to someone locally for a couple of hundred bucks.

How many paintings would you need to sell to create a full-time income? Just by creating art when you’re bored!

Different Artwork to Create and Sell:

  • Paintings
    • Traditional
    • Graffiti
    • Abstract
  • Drawings and sketches
  • Photography (see above section)
  • Crafts (see above)
  • Sculptures or wood carving
  • Digital Art
  • Woodworking
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Mosaics
  • Engravings

How To Sell Your Artwork

man taking photograph at night
  • Create a great painting or drawing and display it at a local art gallery.
    • This is an awesome method to get some extra money. People who visit art galleries already enjoy art, who may also be looking for original pieces for their home. Do you really think they’ll want to buy something from their local Target to put up in the house?
  • Create a great piece of artwork and sell it at a local coffee shop.
    • This method is absolutely brilliant. Local artists in my city do this and it catches my eye every time. It’s a win-win for both parties involved. The artist gets exposure to people that may want to buy their art, and in the meantime, the local business has some original pieces to display in their shop making them a great spot to hang out!
  •  Sell your artwork online.
    • Here’s a detailed guide on many websites to sell your artwork online! 17 Ways to Sell Your Art Online
  • Enter local art shows and get exposure to your awesome artwork.
  • Teach others how to make art! (see[UPDATED] 17 WAYS TO SELL YOUR ART ONLINE for some inspiration!)
    • Essentially, a business like paint nite is all about the experience and fun. People show up, grab a glass of wine and all create the same painting together! It’s super cool when you’re bored and looking for something fun to do on the weekend.
  • Start your own art gallery business!

Tools for Beginner Artists (depending on what type you choose)

  1. Painting Supplies
  2. Canvas
  3. Wood Carving
  4. Mosaic Tools

Inspirational Art Story:


I realized the potential and began to experiment on what worked and didn’t work for me and my personal following. By 2011, I was selling art on Facebook exclusively, making over $50,000 in sales from my original paintings and fine art prints.

11. Teaching or Coaching for Extra Money

teacher photo, hobbies that make money, money coaching, teacher coaching money

If you have a skill or talent that you can share with others, you can totally make some extra money when you’re bored!

Extra credit: develop a course for Udemy and teach thousands of people online (and get paid for it).

12. Reading, Proofreading, Copy Writing and Editing 

Like to read and have a knack for proper grammar? Maybe proofread pieces of writing for some extra money!

There’s a lot of places online you can do this type of service.

List of Freelance Websites You Can Make Money Online With

13. Social Media Hobbies (yes you read that right)

Did you know companies or small businesses hire people to run their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Yeah, it’s definitely a thing. Businesses don’t always have the time to dedicate to running social media pages that help gain exposure for their services.

14. Stock Market Trading

I’m not sure if this could be considered a hobby but I’ll throw it on here for good measure. Many people trade stocks for fun. People enjoy the thrill of making “the right call” by correctly analyzing whether a stock will go up or down.

This hobby comes with a lot of risks, but high rewards.

15. Be a Fitness Trainer

If you’re anything like my wifey, she’s HUGE into fitness as a hobby.

She runs like the wind and I just don’t get it. But it’s her hobby and she loves it.

If you happen to love fitness, holding a fitness camp or helping others get into better shape is a great way to make some extra cash with your hobby.

16. Online Gaming Hobbies

Again, you read that right! Ever been to or and you’ll see HUNDREDS of people playing video games.

If you get a lot of viewers, you can actually make a ton of cash.

There’s obviously the very talented and lucky folks that get signed to professional gaming teams and compete internationally or in big tournaments. You can dream, right?

17. Build or Fix Computers for Extra Money

People love computers. People love really good computers. If you have a knack for fixing your grandma’s computer, maybe this is for you.

Market your skill for fixing a computer or building a custom PC for a lucky buyer (and net some extra money for your hobby in the meantime).

money making hobbies, profitable hobby guide