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350+ Websites to Visit When Bored! Cure Your Boredom Online

    Looking for websites to visit when you’re bored?

    Well, look no further!

    We’ve compiled the ultimate list of interesting websites to cure you’re boredom. We’ve also included popular (and little known) web tools, applications, and resources as well.

    One of the best things you can do when you’re bored, is to discover new websites.

    There are countless numbers of websites you can play games on, learn new things, discover a hobby, or follow someones life journey.

    Among tons of other websites to to visit when your bored!

    The internet is a big place – hopefully I can help steer you in the direction of just a few.

    To make navigation easier, visit the table of contents above, or jump to one of the sections below that may pique your interest:

    Table of Contents

    Fun Browser Websites to Play Games

    Man with dreads playing video games, electric shock from controller.

    Doing something fun on the internet when you’re bored, is one of the best ways to pass time. So let’s start with these websites! Who doesn’t want to have fun?!

    What is a “Browser Game”?

    As soon as the internet was invented (and even before!), people have looked to make games available to pass the time. One of the fastest and easiest ways to find games online is through Browser games. 

    A browser game is a website video game – generally a puzzle emulator, multiplayer arenas, or other fun games, that can be played simply within your internet browser on a website

    These website games require no special gaming system (Xbox, PlayStation, etc), only a computer, browser, and internet connection (and that’s not always required!). Another way to think of browser games – they’re the predecessors to gaming apps available on your smartphone – but as a web page you play on!

    Puzzle Games & Brain Teaser Websites to Visit

    Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? There’s a TON of websites that will challenge you with unique puzzles, riddles, and other ways to test your decision-making skills.

    Let’s dive into a few puzzle and riddle game websites available on the web:

    A Dark Room

    This website is an extremely simple browser story and game. You start in a dark room, what will you do?


    It claims to be the hardest riddle on the internet, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. I tried a few levels while writing this article – it’s pretty darn difficult!

    Ebony Riddle

    Ebony Riddle is very similar to NotPron. It’s a website riddle that takes you all over the website.

    You have to click on certain spots on the website, inspect the source code, scan for hidden text, and everything in between. Super fun to walk through…just don’t get too frustrated!

    Game About Squares

    The website’s name is pretty self-explanatory of what to expect – a game about squares!

    The game starts pretty simple with moving squares to certain spots, along with using different arrows and instructions. A fun way to pass some time!

    Line Riders

    This website is a bit different than the ones given already. It’s a sandbox-type environment, with the ability to “move” your little person by providing them with a line for them to “ride”. 

    You can create crazy loops, jumps, and pretty much anything else you can simulate with gravity. How far can you get the person to go?

    Name That Language

    This unique website game challenges your ability to decipher a foreign language. It provides a short audio clip to listen to which you’ll use to make your guess.

    Is there really any better-known puzzle than Tetris? This is a free, browser-based website that allows you to play one of the most popular puzzles of all time.

    Worlds Hardest Game

    Equal parts brain teaser and hand-eye coordination challenge – this browser game claims to be the hardest of them all. I could barely get past level 2…can you?

    The Helicopter Game

    Many of you may already be familiar with this classic browser game. Fly your helicopter as far as you can go without crashing. It’s the precursor to flippy-bird…can you do better on this classic game?

    Battle Arena & FPS Websites

    My favorite aspect of a video game is playing against others in real-time. Beat someone else’s high score is fun (I’m looking at you pinball players!), but being able to showcase your abilities live is a whole other experience.

    E-sports is completely centered on this concept – and it’s not going away anytime soon. 

    These website browser games are fun-filled battle arenas that range from your simple First Person Shooter (FPS) games to devouring the cells, stars, and snakes of your opponents. 

    Will you be the last man, “standing”?

    This is a fun website game centered on becoming the biggest cell. Consume the cells of your opponents to get larger and consume even more foes. 

    Just don’t get eaten yourself! Super addicting and fun to play when you have downtime.

    A fun website that contains a few different game-play modes. You’re dropped into a simplistic arena composed of squares, circles, and triangles. You can play up to 8 different play modes and battle strangers from around the internet.

    Collect the most hexagon space! Just don’t let your opponents run into your “tail” or you’ll have to start all over. 


    There are two very similar .io games that have you focused on becoming the largest “snake” or “line”. Wander the game’s map and try to consume your foes to get bigger. These two web games are similar to above.


    There are three fun browser games based on zombies. One is a battle royal focused game, Dead Frontier which you’re dropped into a zombie-infested town, and a tower defense type game called

    For those of you who enjoy a good game with the un-dead, these are probably a couple of games you may enjoy in your free time. is a beautiful, 3D space fighter-type game. The graphics are truly great for something free and playable right within your web browser. 

    Gather shields, ammo, spaceships, and some friends to take on the galaxy full force.

    Want to be a circle beating the crap out of a square with a little minigun? Well, this simple battle royal game might be right up your alley!

    3D FPS Browser Games

    There are two very simple, but extremely fun multiplayer 3D “shooter” games. These types of games have been popular since 007 Golden Eye debuted on N64 back in the ’90s. 

    Pop right into the games and get to fighting the opposing team!


    My absolute personal favorite of this list. So much so, I started playing it almost every day while researching this article. 

    This is a simple, but competitive game. You and your teammates spawn as red or blue circles who are fighting for neutral or team flags – depending on which map you spawn on. It essentially boils down to capturing the flag – just don’t get popped (tagged) when you’re the flag carrier!

    You level up to show your experience, and there are even competitive leagues you can join!

    Card Battles

    If you’re anywhere near my age or younger, you likely have played with Pokemon Trading Cards or Magic the Gathering. There are a couple of browser-based games that have this same game concept in mind. 

    Obtain cards, build decks, and dominate the competition. And yes, Pokemon is one of them! – Pokemon Trading Card game website!

    Urban Rivals – Manga Anime Trading Card Game

    Game Collections

    Not sure what type of game you’d like to play online? That’s okay! There are several websites that allow you to play thousands of games right within your browser – from every genre, you can think of.

    Browser Online Role Playing Games

    You may or may not be familiar with online role-playing games – but there are TONS of them. Create a character or avatar, and start leveling up and exploring the game’s open world. 

    There are no “levels” in these games, but an open world you can explore.

    I won’t go through each one on this list (there’s a lot here!), but there’s a different type of game available. 

    Horror? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Super Hero? Zombie? Vampire? Space Fighters? Yep.. all available website-based games and many more! 

    Real Time Strategy Website Games

    Have you ever heard about the Age of Empires games? Warcraft? Civilization? These are classic, real-time strategy games that go back to the beginning of PC Gaming. 

    The goal?… Build an empire!

    The concept is pretty simple and has everything to do with strategy. Do you want to collect more resources or build an army? Should you build an extra building to create food or bribe the settlement next to you not to attack?

    The possibilities are endless, as are the world you decide to play in can vary on the genre. The idea behind RTS games is to build the biggest, most powerful settlement/country/civilization in the world. 

    Again, a ton of games here so I’ll provide the list of websites and you can search through which games tickle your fancy, so to speak.

    Other Fun Website Games – Play Settlers of Catan online! and – Fun drawing games you can play online with your friends! Huge online community and great game who’s which role the other party members are. 

    NoBrakes.ioRacing game!

    Websites for Readers to visit

    Do you enjoy reading the news, stories, or other great writing that’s available all over the internet? These websites will be right in your wheelhouse then!

    Thought Provoking

    Library of Scroll

    The creators of this simple, beautiful, and interesting website have curated articles or reading they’ve deemed exceptional or phenomenal. 

    Check out this website when you’re bored and I promise you’ll be able to kill at least a half-hour or more. website, websites to visit, popular websites, websites for readers

    Literary Hub

    I absolutely bookmarked this reading website upon doing my research. You can read just about anything you can think of. Short Stories, Novel Discussions, Poems, Book Reviews – the list is endless. 

    News Aggregator Websites

    Aggregator websites are great for organizing a lot of news and information around a single topic (or similar topics) – and compiling them in a single place for you to read. 

    My other website, is one such type of website. It compiles all Green Bay Packers news in one, centralized location.

    Boing Boing

    Check out this unique website that gathers news and information from around the web.


    This innovative website and app will collect blogs and other publications for you to browse by topic. Super helpful when you’re not exactly sure what to read next and want a little light reading in your spare time.


    A news aggregator that gathers all the popular stories news from the web and compiles them into one spot for you to browse when you’re bored.

    Bonus points for people that enjoy interesting visuals and want to visit a website other than Facebook for their news.


    While you were reading an article or a news story, you may run out of time. OR, you come across an article while reading another article. Well, put that piece of reading away in your “pocket”.

    This great app and website will help you save those pieces of writing for you to read at a later time.

    Fun Websites to Draw & Create Art With

    drawing art, black and white

    Using drawing websites is a great (and FUN!) way to kill some time. Drawing is one of the most popular hobbies around. Millions of people draw, and some artists are extremely talented.

    Lucky for us, there are a ton of websites you can visit to bring your drawing skills to life. Websites with tools, applications, and even tutorials to follow. 

    Interested in other art hobbies like drawing?

    Check out our huge list of hobbies!

    QuickDraw w/ Google

    Leave it to “google magic” to bring one of the most fun drawing websites around. Quick Draw with Google will provide you images to draw with your mouse, and a quick timer to finish in.

    As you draw, a funny “computer” voice will start guessing what you’re drawing.

    An extremely quick, fun website for you to kill a few minutes with.


    This is a completely free drawing website that lets you draw and collaborate with your others. It’s great for creating projects with friends in a fun way with an easy-to-use interface.

    Think of as the social media equivalent to drawing and graphic design.


    This simple website has some great drawing lessons and tutorials available to use when you’re beginning to draw. Artgraphica will also provide suggestions on which applications or programs to use when you’re just starting to draw.


    Open source, cross-platform suite of tools for 3D creation. You can do all sorts of things such as create videos, video games, image, and graphic editing, plus a lot more.

    writing, school, hobby


    This website has a lot of great tutorials for beginner artists and lessons for those who have more advanced drawing skills. Drawspace has a multitude of free art courses – but you can also purchase advanced tutorials for a variety of art types.


    Think of this website like MS Paint – but with some auto images you can throw in to get started.

    Once you go to Autodraw, it’ll provide you with the typical blank canvas. You can start drawing whatever you like, as normal, or browse an array of icons and images ready to be used.

    Following their guides and looking into different options can help you to grow. This is a great way to practice drawing without demanding perfection.


    This windows application is designed as an upgrade to MS Paint. is available right within your web browser as well. Test out this flexible drawing website and see if you like it!


    Pixlr is an online image editor (similar to Adobe Photoshop, but easier) that you can use …

    …for free

    Also, Pixlr has an editor that has a desktop version that’s equally powerful.

    Sumo Paint

    This application is a super-powerful graphics editor website that’s used right within your web browser or PC. Sumo Paint allows you to create stunning images and graphics with a unique interface.

    Remove Background from Image

    Need to remove the background from an image, leaving something else in the forefront? This is the website for you!


    Okay, so this is probably one of my favorite websites on this list. Weavesilk is an extremely fun and interactive website to draw with.

    After opening the website – you’re prompted to start drawing. The website will start to automatically create stunning images using what you’ve clicked.

    Check it out and be prepared to be amazed.

    Interesting, Interactive, & Other Fun Websites to explore when you’re bored

    Alright – let’s pull out some of the REALLY interesting websites. Some of these are practical…while others are just downright intriguing.

    This extremely fun website lets you drop into a real-life musical jam session. Pick a few sounds and join others in making a fun tune…or chaos. The choice is yours. 


    Check out the entire globe and where lightning is currently striking the earth!

    This Website Will Self-Destruct

    Save the website! Write an anonymous note to the website so that it doesn’t explode. Others can see your message, and you can read others as well. 

    Random Web Comic

    Does exactly as it states…you’ll get taken all over for random web-comics and funnies!

    Abandoned America

    The US isn’t that old, but there are plenty of old and abandoned buildings or structures around the country. It’s interesting ( or maybe a bit creepy?) to look into the past!

    Good Tricks

    Learn to perform some of your favorite magic tricks!

    Type Racer

    Enter the global typing competition! How fast can you type compared to the rest of the world? Find out with this simple, but fun website. 

    Know Your Worth

    Help bridge the gap of wages between different groups of people, or see what others in a similar spot as you are making. It’s a great visualization of how people are compensated for the hard work they do!

    Dr Memes

    Make your own memes! No watermark or signup necessary – just choose a template or load your own picture and get memeing. 


    It might be a bit of an ugly website to visit – but it has a wealth of stuff to look at when you’re bored!

    • Pictures
    • News
    • Quotes


    Need to set up a quick chat room between you and your friends? Or, if you’re just bored – check out some of the existing rooms and join in the conversation.

    Old Maps Online

    Curious what your city looked like wayyyy back in the day? You probably can! Enter a location you’re curious about into the website and get exploring


    Write yourself or friends and family an email to be delivered in the future! Super cool website to visit when you’re bored.


    Want to help the world? Answer a question on this website correctly, and the website will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program.

    Just make sure to get rid of your AdBlock for their website!


    This website will tell you if the urban legend you’ve heard is true or false. Great for when you want to win an argument! 😉

    Sounds of the Forest

    Listen to the many forests around the world!

    Street View

    Ever wanted a 360 view of a place or location from around the world? Well, now you can.

    Check out Google’s Street View and prepare to travel the world..virtually!

    The Sky Live

    Explore planets, moons, constellations, and all sorts of interesting things from beyond the earth with this interactive website. 

    Orb Farm

    Simple, but fun simulation to build your own ecosystem! Can you make an ecosystem self-sustaining?? 

    Video and Movie Websites You can watch

    man shooting photos, late night, city

    Who doesn’t like a fun cat video to watch when they’re bored!? Okay, but seriously…there are TONS of great videos out on the web. – Live Cams!

    There’s live camera footage being recorded of wildlife all over the world when you visit this website.

    Want to see some Bears? 

    Owls? Eagles? Gorillas? 

    Watch them in their natural habitat with this unique website!

    Date Night Movies

    Simply put, this handy website will help you and your significant other (or family member or friend ) decide on a movie you BOTH will be interested in. 

    Input a movie you both enjoy or want to watch, and see what movies you may want to watch. 

    Reel Good

    It seems like every day a new streaming service is being created, and it can get confusing which service the movie or show you want is on. This simple website allows you to input which services you have to see what’s available, as well as new listing being added or removed,


    visit Youtube, popular websites to visit

    Do I need to explain why you should visit this popular website? YouTube is the world leader in video consumption – and it’s not even close.

    Looking for a funny cat video when you’re bored? Checking out the latest music video from your favorite musician?

    Remember, it’s more than just watching the new viral video, but also as a learning platform as well.

    Find out how to play a song, watch a comedy video, or find a new documentary to learn from.

    YouTube Website Alternatives to Try:


    Want to watch competitive e-sports? Want to broadcast YOURSELF playing video games? Well, Twitch is a live streaming website just for you.

    This cool website lets you follow, watch, interact, and support your favorite video game players from around the globe.

    Acquired by Amazon back in 2014 for a cool 1 Billion dollars, this platform is used to stream games from every country imaginable and has gained popularity steadily over the last decade.

    There are roughly 2+ million people broadcasting themselves, and roughly 15 million daily viewers. It’s pretty cool – you should check it out if you haven’t already!

    For more interesting Twitch.TV statistics, check out this article.

    Want to start your own Twitch channel? Try one of these courses!

    Complete Twitch Streaming Tutorial Series: PS4, Xbox One, PC

    A Good Movie to Watch

    Want to watch a movie, but not sure which one? This easy website is a quick visit away from telling you which one you should watch! Search by Random, Best Films.

    Genre or Latest Movies, and it will suggest one for you. It even has an option for Netflix. Date night will never be boring again!

    Binge Clock

    This site tells you how much time it takes to binge-watch a TV show (with or without commercials).

    Documentary Heaven

    Free documentaries that anyone can enjoy. A very cool website to check out sometime when you’re looking to watch something on the educational side of things. 

    Rotten Tomatoes

    This is a trusted website that has over 25 million new users every month and is published on the opinions of numerous film and TV positive critics that are later used to rate a movie.

    Depending on the percentage of critic reviews established, a good review is indicated by a fresh red tomato which is above 60%.

    Whereas a bad rated movie is judged by a green tomato which is below 59% so rather than wasting your precious time and money going for a movie you can visit rotten tomatoes first so as to know if the movie you want to watch is good or bad.


    If you love watching movies and series Netflix should be the best option for stamping out boredom. It is estimated that one-third of the internet is directed each day on the internet are Netflix users


    The website offers a wide range of viewing strategies for their customers and you can watch it using various devices either on your TV with your Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, or Roku.

    You can also use your PC or a smartphone that is Hulu actuated. Catch all the drama, reality TV shows, or comedies through using any of these devices and you will get to experience a huge selection of the finest TV programs.

    Music Websites to Listen and Learn

    websites to visit, music websites, music hobby

    I love listening to good music. It’s one of the most fun ways to spend time when you’re bored, and there are TONS of great websites to help you enjoy music.

    What’s just as fun, or maybe even MORE fun than listening to music? Making music!

    The following music websites will allow you to listen to songs, find new music artists, or learn how to play any kind of instrument you can imagine. 

    Websites to Discover New Music:

    Sick of listening to the same bands or artists all the time? Below are some extremely cool websites that give you the ability to input your current music interests and see what else may be in your realm of musical interest!

    Input your favorite musicians or bands into these three websites and see what comes up!

    8 Tracks

    An excellent playlist service with playlists created by its users. Internet radio was created by real people and not some funny computer algorithm.

    Keeps track of your listening habits and lets you know other people’s listening trends from around the internet.


    Oh Pandora, how we love you!

    Pandora was one of, if not THE first, the original music streaming services online. It remains one of the best music websites to visit when you’re looking for a spicy playlist to listen to when you’re bored or hosting a party.

    You create lists based on music type, artists, songs, or just about anything else you can think of.

    The only downside is you can’t choose which songs to listen to, as Pandora will choose what you hear based on your interests.

    Other Pandora-like Websites:

    • Jango
      • Free music – internet radio that plays what you want, great for those who can’t access Pandora.
    • Songza
      • Playlists for whatever mood you’re in Soundozer – it’s kind of like Pandora, but you can listen to any song you search for and you can create a station based on that song. Want a plus? You don’t even need to register for the website. Just select a song and away you go!


    Want to listen to just about anything you want? For free? This website and app will let you listen to whatever album, artist, or genre you feel you want to listen to. They have an awesome “Discover” section, as well as sections covering new releases.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use this awesome music tool when I’m bored!

    Free Websites to Learn Music

    Playing music, or learning a new instrument, is a great way to cure your boredom!

    Learning Synths

    Ever been curious how your favorite songs make some of those unique sounds? Most likely, those were created by a synthesizer. This awesome website takes you through the basics and then turns you loose into the synth universe!

    One Minute Music Lesson

    This is a no-nonsense website that gets right into learning the bones of reading music and music theory.

    IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library

    Free, public domain sheet music is available to anyone that wants it. Seriously cool for anyone that wants some new music to play in their spare time and knows how to read music.

    Practice Sight Reading

    Sight-reading is the ability to read sheet music without studying or preparing for the music beforehand.

    This is a very useful skill to have when you’re learning to play any kind of instrument. Very useful website for learning this awesome music skill.


    Free music composition and notation software. Super cool if you want to digitize your sheet music.

    Alternative Sheet Music Websites:

    Music Theory

    Learning how to play a song when you’re bored is one thing. But learning how the song works and fits together based on music theory, is a whole different experience.

    If you truly want to become a great musician, learn some music theory. It’ll go a long way.

    Justin Guitar

    guitar playing as a hobby, make money with guitar

    Free online guitar lessons from beginner to advanced level of instruction. 1000’s of lessons and informative articles to choose from. It shows you how to read “tab” and other ways of learning a new song when you’re bored and want to play the guitar.

    This is a great website to visit when you’re bored and looking to learn how to play guitar.

    Other Guitar Lessons Websites:

    Related Article on Guitar Playing: Hobby Guide: Learning How to Play Guitar

    Music Tools and Applications

    woman playing harp, black and white

    Want to start recording your own music? Check out some of these great tools:


    This is a free, open-source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds or music. Check this awesome tool out if you’re looking to start creating your own music!

    Audio Tool

    This website has an amazing array of creative tools you can use to make music. You can also upload the music you’ve created, and chat with the community that lives here. 


    This is barely a “Tool” – but more like a game! Create music with 3D images or blocks. 


    Ultra light-weight media player. Listen to just about any kind of song or sound file you want!

    Free Alternative Media Players:

    • VLC Media Player
    • Winamp – “It really kicks the llama’s ass.”
    • MusicBee – A well-rounded media player with a wealth of additional features like ripping and converting mp3s or other sound files.

    YouTube Converter AudioJack

    Have a new music video or song that you really like on YouTube? This website can convert that video into an MP3audio file, for FREE!

    All you need is the YouTube link and you’re all set. It does the rest.


    SoundCloud is a website you can visit that generally involves recording and uploading music files; allowing people to share files easily with either your friends, blogs, or any social networks.

    Shopping Websites (Which are not named Amazon)

    craigslist, online classifieds, website to visit


    Everyone is always looking for the best deal on the internet nowadays. At least I am.

    This is a website most have heard about, but never actually visit. (I don’t know why)

    When you sign up, you’re given awesome coupons and discounts to events, products, and services that will help keep you busy when you’re bored!

    10/10 – I recommend this website to all my friends and family.

    Groupon Guides:


    eBay will forever go down as the ugly step-cousin of Amazon. This website is essentially an “Auction House”, allowing people to sell items and visitors of the website to bid on certain items.

    Though not as popular as it once was, it’s still a good place to browse from time to time to waste time on. If you’re looking for specific items that are no longer made, this is probably the prime website to visit!


    This website has been around for a LONG time. Since 1999 to be exact!

    This website is an excellent resource to use when you want to do some serious comparison shopping.

    Pricegrabber will save you time on your next shopping project by comparing prices from across the entire web and letting you know where the best deal is!

    productive projects, websites to visit


    Most people have visited Yelp at one point or another – this website helps provide feedback and peace of mind about local businesses to potential customers.

    Similar to Google Reviews – you can leave feedback of business for future customers to make an educated decision.

    You can also get coupons and deals!

    Yelp doesn’t just help give you an idea of a local business’s reputation with online reviews. They’ve partnered to give great deals to local businesses.

    Ticket Network

    Looking for a night out on the town? Want to go to a concert, sporting event, or see a new comedian perhaps?

    Look no further than Ticket Network! I’ve used this website many times and highly recommend you do too!

    Search all your local events and get affordable tickets today. Better to spend a boring night out and about enjoying a show, right?


    Interesting name for a website, right? Well, check out this website for yourself. 🙂 If you want to offer your own service for 5 bucks, you can do that too!

    This awesome website gives you the ability to hire someone for simple (or even complex!) tasks. You can become a contributor yourself as well and make some money on the side!

    Useful Websites for Writers

    websites to visit, writing websites, writing help


    If the name didn’t give it away and you couldn’t guess correctly, this website helps check your grammar. It’s great and I use it every time I write (including this post)!

    You can use their text editor or they have a toolbar add-on that’s just as handy.

    Hemingway Editor

    Make your writing stand out by visiting this website and letting it analyze your writing!

    This website and application will allow you a distraction-free environment, while also analyzing your writing for positive and negative tendencies.

    It helps writing with:

    • Less adverbs
    • Less passive voice
    • More direct language
    • Simpler or better word versions

    Online Proofreader

    Writing your next article or paper could never be easier when you visit this awesome website. This tool checks for your grammar and spelling errors, but also make a plagiarism check.

    After the website reviews your writing, it will give your writing a grade. How cool is that?!

    What The Font

    Ever wondered what kind of font a website was using? Maybe you want to use it for your own website or article.

    his website is useful for just that!

    Word Frequency Counter

    It is always a good idea to check if you don’t overuse a word while writing any kind of article or paper. Having diversity in your words is a must to keep your writing fresh and engaging for your readers.

    Great website tool to check out!

    350+ Websites to Visit When Bored! Cure Your Boredom Online 1 Guide Guide, List websites to visit when bored

    Focus Writer

    If you enjoy writing, a focused writer should be on your list because it gives you a stress-free environment to write and perfect your writing skills.

    Just by moving the mouse to the screen edges, the interface is exploited on a hide-away technique that enables the program to have an accustomed look in your work.

    Other features include auto-save, type-writer, time effect, live statistics, timers and alarms, and much more. Focus writer is awesome as it’s translated to over 20 different languages.

    Focus booster

    This website will help you to know your work balance and assist in finishing your work productively as the sessions and breaks that you take are recorded automatically to a time sheet.

    You don’t have to spend your time trying to recall all your wasted time as the system will assist you to focus more and manage any sort of distraction that comes your way when you are doing your work/project.


    Don’t have a copy of Microsoft Office on your computer? No Problem. This suite of programs is close as it gets to the real thing.

    Similar Free Writing Tools:

    Websites to improve Your Health

    healthy eating, websites for health

    The internet has some amazing websites to visit- none more important those that help keep you healthy.


    Log and track your food, workouts, and other great tips for recipes or weight loss tips.

    Similar Diet & Health Websites:


    This great website offers peaceful scenery and meditation exercises to help you relax.

    Eat This Much

    This great website automatically creates meal plans for you. Enter how many calories, how many meals and what kind of food you like to eat.

    You can even customize for budget and time schedule.

    Similar Websites to Try:


    Relaxation is important to help keep stress levels down.

    One way to do this is with relaxing sounds or music to help calm you down or focus on meditation.

    This website you can visit is an online noise machine with a ton of great ambient noise.

    Fully customizable as well! If you need to relax and listen to some awesome sounds and noises, this is the website to visit.

    Alternative Web Listeners to Reduce Stress:

    reddit logo, computer
    Photo by Teuobk

    Reddit Social Services Subreddit

    This is a “Subreddit” created by a professional Social Worker. If you need help, this may be a good spot to try and talk to someone or get some mental health advice.


    Have you ever wanted to just chat with someone…anyone? Talking with other people is a proven stress reliever. Well, Rainychat is a website you should visit if that’s the case! Visit the website and start chatting with your new friend.

    Related Websites to Visit Related to Rainychat

    • 7 Cups of Tea – Free, anonymous, and confidential conversations with trained and real listeners. Great choice when you need to vent to someone instead of spamming your Facebook wall with sad music lyrics and memes.
    • Blahtherapy Online listening and chat service. Also, you can pay to speak with a trained and trusted therapist.

    Have you heard of the benefits of using sleep cycles? If you haven’t, our bodies are programmed to sleep in certain cycles which results in certain amounts of sleep benefiting us more than others.

    If you don’t know how this schedule works, this is the website to visit! Enter in the time you need to wake up in the morning and this will calculate when you should fall asleep. Very useful and very cool website!

    Go Lantern

    This website creates a customizable plan for your emotional well-being. It begins by asking a few basic and interactive questions. Be open and honest with your answers or you won’t get the help you’re looking for!

    Two Foods

    Are you on a diet or watching what food you eat? This is a website that will compare two different foods when you’re trying to decide which one to choose!

    Eat by Date

    A simple and easy-to-use website that lets you quickly find items you have in your fridge and the likelihood you can still eat or drink something that may seem expired. 

    Forum Websites and Online Communities

    people, family, party, community

    Looking for the most visited website forums on the web when you’re bored?

    Forums have great message boards and threads, which can be a great way to stay busy if you’re looking for something to do.

    Whether you want to participate in creating posts, commenting on existing threads, or even just reading comments – forums are great websites to visit when you’re bored.

    What are Forums?

    Forums are websites dedicated to online discussions and message boards centered around conversations around a specific topic or interest. 

    In a way, Forums are sort of similar to the old chat rooms that dominated the internet 20 years ago, but with much deeper conversation and contribution to the overall discussions happening. Forums can also be thought of as a fun online community, in a sense.

    Connecting with people that share the same interests as you is a fun way to spend free time. You’ll be able to share ideas, debate, give tips to others – and you may even make a few friends as well. is by far the largest, and most frequently visited web forum on the internet. With an average of over 300 million monthly active users, and over 140 thousand “Subreddits” (topic communities), there’s no shortage of fun to be had on the 6th most popular website in the world. 

    Website:Estimated Monthly trafficWebsite TypeForum Description
    reddit.com184,283,420ForumDiscussion for all topics & Communities
    craigslist.org86,673,328ForumJob listings, personal ads, and other miscellaneous topics
    quora.com38,618,080ForumMost visited Q & A website
    steamcommunity.com18,511,512ForumA community forum for Video Game platform Steam


    popular website, reddit, front page of the internet, website to visit when bored

    Estimated Monthly Traffic: 184,283,420 website visitors

    Dubbed “The front page of the internet”, Reddit is the gold standard of internet forums. Visitors to this popular website will share articles, pictures, videos, and pretty much everything in-between. These posts get voted on by other members or visitors to ensure the most relevant or interesting topics rise to everyone’s attention.

    The forum breaks into smaller online communities called “subreddits”. These subreddits dedicate themselves to certain topics that interest anyone who wants to join.

    Reddit forum users view what’s posted by other visitors and “upvote” their favorite content, and partake in conversations that follow.

    You can look at the pictures, memes, videos, news stories, and anything else that might be going viral across the web at the exact moment.

    Don’t use this website just for browsing, though! Join subreddits that interest you and start conversations with people from around the world about your favorite hobbies or interests.

    Here are some fun subreddits to check out to get started:

    Here are some helpful Reddit guides as well:


    craigslist homepage

    Craigslist Estimated Monthly Traffic: 86,673,328 website visitors

    I’m classifying Craigslist as a forum website, but it’s really a mixture of many different types of websites. Shopping, community, job listings – it’s really a huge mixed bag.

    Craigslist was started back in 1995 by Craig Newman with only a few individuals visiting the website at that time. But, 25 years down the line, the company is robust and now it consists of about 700 sites spread across 70 countries that work as local forums and classifieds.

    This forum offers a wide range of services from looking for housing, jobs, goods, local activities, and many other services! The website has gathered over 50 million page views every month, with over 60 million views from the U.S. alone.

    Also, check out our guide on how to sell items on Craigslist now if you’re looking to start selling some of your extra stuff!

    If you’re looking to sell items through Craigslist, I encourage you to check out the below Craigslist courses through Udemy!

    Why Craigslist is better than eBay Sell Safely on Craigslist


    Have a question that needs answering? Well, this is probably the website for you to visit.

    Boasting more than 300 million visitors per month – this is a frequent destination for internet visitors.

    question websites to visit, Q&A Websites, Quora

    Other Question and Answer Websites to Visit:

    2. Yahoo! Answers

    Looking for a different community website?

    We’ve found some of the most popular forum websites on the web below, but you can find a forum for just about anything if you look hard enough. 

    Just do a Google search – ” Topic + Forum” or “Topic + Online Community” to find something you’d like to chat about.


    Once upon a time, Yahoo was the #1 web destination for most people. Originally started as a search engine, it has fallen out of favor due to the popularity of Google and Bing search engines.

    Though it may not be a website people visited in the past, it’s still extremely popular. Now providing Email, Games, News, Fantasy Sports, Finance information, and a variety of other content – you’d still be wise to visit Yahoo occasionally when you’re bored.

    Amazing Online Learning Websites

    learning, books, websites to visit

    Learning new things is just part of life. It’s what we do from the moment we’re born. Unfortunately, many people find learning new things to be really boring – so let’s spice it up!

    Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have, the better off you are.

    Many people learn better hands-on, but if you don’t mind learning online, this is a great list to have handy! There are quite a few here, so please check them out and choose the platform that suits you best.


    350+ Websites to Visit When Bored! Cure Your Boredom Online 2 Guide Guide, List websites to visit when bored

    Photo by SalTheColourGeek

    If you love cooking, visiting the AllRecipes website could benefit you because it’s equipped with special tutors.

    This website has inspired many home cooks and has seen them team up with friends, family, and their followers from various parts of the world having a good time learning about cooking and enjoying many different foods.

    Go check their online classes, register for free and you will be given an opportunity to study online anytime and anywhere you want and also to try out new cooking skills too.


    Lizard Point Quizzes

    This website houses a HUGE amount of interactive browsers resources for teachers and students alike. It houses worksheets, quizzes, and other learning tools.


    If you are a person that seeks to find a deeper indulgent of the world, then this site is perfectly meant for you. TED is owned by a non-profit organization that involves the spreading of ideas, typically in the form of short videos.

    People are given influential talks about technology and design congregated to cover most of the topics with over 100 languages from business to science and global issues like climate change, environment and aiding in sharing of ideas with different communities around the continent.


    As you’ve already seen throughout this list, you can learn ANYTHING you want when you’re bored with a wide variety of free and paid online courses.

    Also, have you ever thought about teaching others? Well, you’re in luck with Udemy as well.

    Have a unique skill set that you could show others? You can create your own online course and you could even make some extra money on the side. (of a full-time business if you’re REALLY good)


    This website is super awesome! Learn how to train your brain, while also playing online games!

    I know it sounds too good to be true, but plenty of people swear by this awesome website. Check it out and boost your productivity when you’re bored today!

    Omni Calculator 

    Literally every calculator you could ever conceive needing to use. Great for anyone learning math or other skills needing calculators. 

    Class Central

    Are you a computer programmer or coder? Get “ranked” on the website HackerRank and you’ll be found by countries all over the world for coding jobs. Super cool website for you to check out!


    Spreeder has claimed to be the world’s top speed reading website that was even confirmed by various benchmarks on the internet such as Alexa Rank.

    This site has helped a lot of people who were not able to read or understand sentences or words correctly.

    The company has worked with a number of leading experts in speed reading, learning, and memory with highly skilled educators and best-known authors, who are equipped to give you the best services that you need to spend some time and take a look at this site and try to expertise on your reading skills.

    Who couldn’t benefit from reading a little faster? I know I could!


    If you think you can do crafting, building, or book learning, joining Ehow could transform you in a way or another.

    Just by signing up, you are permitted to submit any of your pertinent work, and join other talented and contributors from other parts of the world to accomplish different tasks on the site.


    visit wikipedia, websites to visit when bored, website to visit, popular websites

    This website is the internet’s real-time encyclopedia. You want to learn more about a topic, this is your place to check most likely. Frequently one of the first website options when searching for something via a search engine, Wikipedia is like a living brain of knowledge.

    It has billions of viewers every year, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

    If you want to have some extra fun with this amazing website, try visiting Wikipedia – Random Mode

    This cool part of the website lets you go down the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia’s Random Mode.

    This link could keep you busy for hours if you wanted to spend that much time reading about random things.


    This interactive website you can visit will create memory/flashcards to help you memorize vital information.

    A very useful website for students or people that need help remembering important information.


    When it comes to online learning, Khan Academy provides free world-class education to anyone interested regardless of where you are. The site is fully equipped with teachers, developers, designers, scientists, and counted specialists who are determined to educate the world and try to impact someone’s life through education.

    The organization started as one individual training his cousin and later on over the years it transformed to be an 80-person organization. No doubt khan academy has made a big difference to its users.

    It’s like a global classroom with millions of learners teaming up from different parts of the world and each of them having their unique story and backgrounds teaming up to learn at khan academy.

    With over 35 translated languages being used, the site offers instructional videos, practice exercises, and a modified learning dashboard in order to empower the learners to read at their own pace without any hitches from mathematics, computer programming, science, art history, economics, and many others, their mission is to guide the learners from as young as kindergarten to calculus using adaptive technology to identify the learning gaps and strength of a student.

    Other Great Learning Websites:

    Academic Earth
    Class Central
    Future Learn
    MIT OpenCourseWare
    Open 2 Study
    Patrick JMT
    Simple Science Fitness
    Stanford OpenCourseware
    Yale OpenCourseware

    Awesome Websites you didn’t know you needed

    When you’re bored it’s sometimes good to find a way to do things better or in a more efficient way. Or maybe in a different way altogether. 

    Below is a huge list of useful websites that will save you money, save you time, or just allow you to do something you’ve never been able to before.

    10 Minute Mail

    email websites to visit, random email website

    This is an extremely useful website to visit when you’re signing up for a service and don’t want to provide your personal email address.

    When you visit this website, it’ll generate a unique inbox that is accessible for only ten minutes. This timeframe can be extended for a brief amount of time, but this is a great tool to keep yourself spam-free in your personal account.

    Related Websites:

    Fake Name Generator

    In case you need fake personal information that looks legitimate, this is the website for you.

    Similar to 10 Minute Mail, this helps reduce internet spam and helps preserve your privacy when signing up for services you aren’t confident in giving your personal information.

    Fax Zero

    websites to fax with, websites to visit, fax online websites

    If you have to send a fax and don’t have a fax machine, this is a free solution!

    This useful website you can visit allows you to send a fax for free within the US and Canada. For a little money, you can also send it worldwide.

    Alternative Websites:

    HTML to PDF

    Websites for PDFs, convert to PDF websites, websites to visit

    Have a webpage you want to print or convert to a PDF document?

    Visit this website to allow you to use just that feature! Convert any webpage to a PDF form.

    Similar Websites to HTML to PDF:

    • Print Friendly – Makes websites printer friendly
    • Smallpdf – Converts or Imports many useful documents type to and from PDF


    Staying with PDFs – visiting this website will allow you to edit PDF files in your browser – WITHOUT Adobe Acrobat.

    Similar Websites:

    Online Alarm Clock Websites:

    Need an alarm clock all of a sudden? Don’t have your mobile device or phone near you? You can set this bad boy as an alarm anywhere you’re near a computer.

    online alarm websites, websites to visit, useful websites


    Have a message or letter you don’t want anyone else to read but your intended recipient? This cool website is worth a visit then!

    It allows you to write a note and encrypt it with a password. You then send the link to who you want it to be read by.

    The note will then “self-destruct” upon being read or depending on what you chose. Super cool!


    This website does what I figured would be absolutely impossible…it posts your resume and job status (most likely searching for employment) and helps you apply to nearly every job board website there is.

    It’s like (see above), but EVEN BETTER. However, it’s not a free service.

    But, if you want to kick any job search into overdrive, this is the website to visit.

    "come in we're hiring!", find a job, career hunt,


    Looking for a job? Do you need a job?

    Well, you’re in luck. Indeed, by and large, the most popular job board website around.

    Update and post your resume, apply for positions in your area, and wait for employers to contact you. I’ve written a job guide as well if you’d like to check it out.


    Are you looking to get organized? This is a great free tool that will create an interactive calendar and website schedule.

    Work smarter, not harder I always say.

    I’m a control freak at times. Hard to imagine, right?

    This is an extremely useful website to visit every day, that allows you to add a “hub” of information with your favorite links, bookmarks, news, apps, etc, ALL in one easy-to-find place.

    Just don’t forget to add Boredombusted to that list! 😉


    websites to visit, free websites for downloads, websites to download free

    This useful website is an extreme time saver when looking to install new software on your computer. If you just did a computer restore or bought a new PC, use one of these two websites to get all your favorite software.

    They give you a no BS install that bypasses all those tricky questions you get when downloading from other websites. MUST HAVE!

    Alternative Website:

    Want to time yourself to judge your productivity? This website is a free and simple way to do just that! Enter a time goal, hit start, and see how much you get done!

    Jotti Virus Scan

    Are you curious a suspicious file you received may be dangerous? Check out this website to scan the document or file and verify it’s probably safe to open.

    websites for security, security websites, websites to visit

    Need to create a mind map, or way to brainstorm your ideas easier? Try visiting this useful website called


    This useful website lets you check the stats of flights around the globe. Stupid weather!

    Need to write words while your hands are occupied doing something else? Visit this useful speech-to-text website browser application!


    Detects the size of your screen and provides an accurate ruler to use. Obviously, this is useful for mobile or tablet only. 🙂

    Language learning websites

    350+ Websites to Visit When Bored! Cure Your Boredom Online 3 Guide Guide, List websites to visit when bored

    I’m not going to write a blurb about each of these websites, as they’re all pretty self-explanatory.


    These are all free language learning websites that give you the ability to learn a new language! Choose the website that appeals to you the most. 

    Easy Languages
    Language Transfer

    Social Media Websites to Explore when You’re bored

    social media websites, websites to visit, social media websites for boredom, popular websites

    I’m not going to go into too much detail with these – most of you have already visited these websites or apps (most likely).

    These websites allow you to connect with people you know – or may not know! – in various ways – whether by posting images, videos, messages, etc.

    1. Facebook & Facebook Messenger
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Snapchat
    6. Pinterest
    7. WhatsApp
    8. WeChat
    9. TikTok
    10. Tumblr

    If this is SOMEHOW not enough social media for you – check out this list of social networking websites provided by Wikipedia.

    Wrapping Up Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

    "Websites to visit when bored", womans eyes glowing

    I hope you enjoyed this gigantic list of websites you can try out when you’re looking for something fun, or productive, to do in some free time.

    I hope you got the message loud and clear: there are TONS of cool, interesting, fun, weird, useful, and even downright weird websites you can visit when you’re bored.

    If I missed a website that you visit regularly (or even better, some not so regularly!), please let me know.

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